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Are You Overwhelmed By Debt?


If you are at this website, you have already taken the first step.  Filing bankruptcy is an important decision, and not to be made lightly.  The next step is to meet with a bankruptcy attorney to evaluate the options available to you.  Many people feel ashamed that they cannot pay their debts, even if their circumstances are beyond their control.  I will listen and help you evaluate your options, without judgment.  Taking action can help relieve the fear and feelings of hopelessness.


Bankruptcy is a powerful legal tool that offers a light at the end of the tunnel – the possibility of a future relieved from the burden of overwhelming debt.



Why Hire Theresa A. Peterson

Law Office?


Bankruptcy is a highly specific and complicated legal process where hiring a lawyer can make a difference.  The consequences of getting it wrong are serious and costly.  If you have been sued or a creditor is attempting to garnish your bank account or your wages, deadlines apply, and it is even more important to act quickly to preserve your rights.


I will meet with you in person AT NO CHARGE for the first 30 minutes to review your information and discuss your options.  Together we will come up with the best solution.  It might mean paying off your creditors at a reduced rate.  It might mean doing nothing, and waiting a while.  It might mean filing bankruptcy to prevent or stop litigation.  Every situation is unique.


If you hire me, I will personally oversee each step of your case from start to finish.  I will identify the important issues in your case and deal with them proactively.  I will make sure your petition is accurate and complete.   I will represent you at the Meeting of Creditors and answer all of your questions along the way.


Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!



Theresa A. Peterson


Theresa A. Peterson,


Bankruptcy and Debt Counseling Services



My Practice Areas:


• Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

• Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

• Debt Counseling

• Negotiating with Creditors

• Judgments and Garnishments

• Foreclosures

• Managing Student Loans

• Bankruptcy and Divorce




Fees and Costs


There is no charge for the initial phone call or email.  I also offer a free in-person 30-minute consultation.  Bankruptcy cases are typically handled on a flat fee basis, although motions and contested matters are billed at an hourly rate.  After I have reviewed your information, I will let you know the estimated fees.  The cost of legal services will depend upon the complexity of your case and the estimated time involved.


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This website is for your general information and to help you select an attorney.  Reading this information does not create an attorney-client relationship.  For legal advice specific to you, please contact me to set up an appointment.  I am not your attorney until you sign a written agreement with me.


Theresa A. Peterson Law Office LLC is a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.

Theresa A. Peterson Law Office LLC

5801 Duluth Street, Suite 104, Golden Valley, MN 55422

Phone:  952-250-6285